Tomaru Red Clay Wallpaper

Paperless Red Clay Wallpaper is a nature-friendly multifunctional product
The essence of nature is concentrated on Red Clay Wallpaper. It protects your family’s health. Now, start your day at the breathing red clay house.

Suwon Center For Environmental Disease And Atopy (22 Rooms)

Features of Tomaru Red Clay Wallpaper

  • Red Clay Wallpaper is a wallpaper-type natural finishing material made of red clay and mineral/plant mixtures. Red clay, known to be good for health, emits far-infrared radiation, maintains temperature and humidity, purifies the air, and blocks (absorbs) harmful gas.
  • Red clay and mineral/plant mixtures account for 70% to 80% of the total weight.
  • Unless physical force is applied, red clay and mineral/plant mixtures are not contaminated even when they are exposed to water for a long time. They may be contaminated if the water contains any pollutants.
  • Mineral and plant materials give natural colors and a feeling of comfort. (Dye-free)
  • Anyone who has ever papered the walls can easily use this product.
    It is much easier to apply than preexisting products, even with flour paste. (You can use a machine using general paste as well.)
  • As a result of a test by the Korea Institute of Construction Materials, Red Clay Wallpaper was found to emit 90% far-infrared radiation and have 86% deodorization effects.
  • It is a patented product. . [Korea, US, Japan, China, and Europe (Germany)]
  • It is made of red clay of Korea. . It is recommended for the elderly and children. (Including the study room)
  • Do not wipe the wallpaper with a wet cloth. Its pollutants may contaminate the wallpaper and red clay and mineral/plant mixtures may come off by friction. Soil, wood, and leather shrink while drying. Therefore, the wallpaper should be overlapped during installation This phenomenon occurs because Red Clay Wallpaper is a chemical-free product.

Composition of Tomaru Red Clay Wallpaper

  • Natural mixture (Soil)* + Polyester (Fiber)
  • Natural materials account for 70% to 80% of the total weight of Red Clay Wallpaper.
  • Made of well-ventilated porous fiber
  • Zero emission of volatile pollutants
  • Outstanding moisture-proof effects / Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
  • Excellent deodorization effects (87%) / Korea Institute of Construction Materials
  • Carcinogens (dieldrin, amines, etc.) not detected

What is a natural mixture (soil)?
A material made up of two or more different natural substances including minerals (red clay, white clay, jade, etc.) and plant substances (green team, charcoal, etc.)